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    Imagine painting your house, the more beautiful it is, the more often it will be visited and remarked to others. Good routine maintenance will also have visitors coming back. As easy a thing as a time stamp on the web page will show the observer your pages are updated routinely.

    Make your web-site appealing and always aim to draw new visitors to it. Maintenance can consist of small text changes or enhancements to graphics or a complete new page content or new web-site page design, etc.

    Annual Maintenance Of Website In Pune


    • Experienced Professionals

    The 360 Digital Partner website maintenance team is composed of full / part time professional experts each with good web design experience.


    • Customer Service

    The 360 Digital Partner website maintenance experts are courteous, friendly, and most importantly, understanding to your web maintenance requirements. They will always provide an estimation of the number of hours it should need to do the job and inform you by telephone or email upon conclusion.


    • Website Maintenance Plan

    We define “Maintenance” as maintaining the website current status. It is not meant to be a new design. We keep a current backup and save all submitted files that are added to your website. We possess the right to differentiate between “updates” and “changed designs”. Improving the navigation, the adding of new pages, buttons, graphic changes, etc. are held as new designs and priced accordingly to our hourly plan rate.

    It is the client’s duty to review updates and inform us of any necessary changes that are needed. There will be no cost for any errors from our part. However, if a change any must be made due to client error, the normal hourly update fees will be imposed. The charge is calculated on the total time required in completing the updates. Updates should be given electronically (by email) as much as feasible. The Attachments must be in text format (.txt, .doc formats are preferred). Send digital pictures in common format such as .jpg, .gif, .psd, .png, .ai, .bmp, etc. Updates can also be sent by fax or by postal mail.


    • Website Maintenance Contract

    This will require retyping data or the scanning of photos and will cost more to complete your changes. Your web site may be using third-party components. We have no control over what third party sites do and take no responsibility for loss of information due to actions of these sites. Any changes to your site stemming from regulations of these third party components will be billed a t the normal maintenance rate.


    • Website Annual Maintenance Agreement

    Annual website maintenance contracts are a cost-effective way to keep your website up-to date, fresh and effective. We have all types of AMC packages starting from Basic package for Small businesses & organizations, which need less monthly time but needs consistent care & Platinum package for large organizations.


    • Scope of work

    Website maintenance contracts only cover minor alterations, updates and repairs. Maintenance requests requiring extensive alterations or updates are beyond the scope of the website maintenance contract and will be quoted separately.


    • Website Maintenance Contract

    We have all types of AMC packages starting from Basic package for Small businesses & organizations, who need less monthly time but needs consistent care & Platinum package for large organizations.


    • Turnaround Time

    Website maintenance requests are given via e-mail. Depending on the complication of the request, the job will be executed in minimum time.

    Planning & Discussions

    Planning & Discussions

    Before coding begins, we explore design questions with you and create a design-implementation plan.



    After establishing your vision, we’re ready to begin application development in a four-part phase.



    After launch, help you plan post-production support and the next phase of implementation.


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